Guest of Honor Samba Reggae 2023 Lorenzo Gangi

The percussion...

Lorenzo plays in several music groups with different styles - latin, funk, jazz, blues, reggae, world, italian pop and folk, afro etc. and uses different instruments in each band. Each of them developed from its own traditions, passed on certain rhythms and required its own playing techniques, which Lorenzo acquired both through lessons and through intensive self-study. Lorenzo always first begins to personalize everything that the respective instrument carries, then discovers how to deal with it and subsequently develops something new from it through his creativity and inspiration. In this way he is constantly expanding his own style which he would like to pass on to us at Samba in Hartberg.

Lorenzo performs ...

Notting Hill Carnival, Carnival in Salvador de Bahia, Carnival Guild Parade in Vienna, Rainbow Parade Vienna, X-Mas Parade in Vienna, Woodrock Festival in Vorarlberg, Donauinselfest on FM4 Stage, Spancirfest in Varazdin, Exit Festival Novi Sad in Serbia, Africa Days in Vienna, Kaffeesiederball, Opernball, Life Ball, UNO Ball in Vienna, Afro Ball in Vienna, Jazz Festival in Salzburg, Saalfelden and Vienna, Glatt&Verkehrt in Krems, old town magic in Klagenfurt, Frequency in Salzburg, Sing-Along Africa in the Vienna Konzerthaus, funding weekend MA 13 City of Vienna, SOS Children's Village Festival, 100 years of children's friends, Lungau Culture Festival, Hafen Open Air, Africa Days Graz, Craft Beer Festival Maria Alm, Vienna City Marathon, Eurovision , trial runs, Nova Rock and others.

Workshop with Lorenzo Gangi

We have the unique opportunity to work with a versatile and great percussionist! We look forward to a great workshop weekend including a performance with all participants on the show stage with Lorenzo Gangi!