Austria's Samba Festival - let's do round 3!

The Austrian Samba Festival took place in August 2023 for the second time and it was a great success! The Organization Team, Samba in Hartberg and Escola de Samba Baturim are looking forward to see you all again in 2024.

From 9. – 11. August 2024 Samba in Hartberg is going to celebrate together with musicians and dancers from all over the world in Hartberg.

Experience good vibes, excellent music, Brazilian and Austrian dishes as well as Samba feeling in one of the loveliest cities in the eastern part of Styria, Austria.

Organziation Team Festival

Samba in Hartberg Kulturveranstaltungsverein


Escola de Samba

Stadt Hartberg

The place to be

Just because we love it Festival Organization Team

Samba in Hartberg Festival is organized by 6 passionate friends of Brazilian culture that are part of Escola de Samba Baturim. To move the organisation to a professional level they formed the association „Kulturveranstaltungsverein Samba in Hartberg“. Each member of the association is responsible for a specific task: Clarissa Altmann is responsible for the musical direction, Paul Sommersguter deals with the logistics and the sponsoring, Michael Holzbauer is the man for everything that is connected with finances, Dominique Werthmann beeing a trained hotelier is dealing with everything about accommodation and traveling, Bobby Pucher solves all the problems in the area of festival technique and Stefanie Vogls passions are marketing and communication. You will find more information about the main organizers at „Contact“.

From left to right: Michael Holzbauer, Stefanie Vogl, Clarissa Altmann, Robert „Bobby“ Pucher, Dominique Werthmann, Paul Sommersguter.

Samba Batucada from Vienna Escola de Samba Baturim

We have specialized in Samba percussion – based on the model of the Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. The musical carnival tradition in the former capital of Brazil has developed over a long period of time and requires great care if it is to be performed authentically. Since we love this rhythm, we care about ist and treat it almost like our own child. And you will hear that!

The nicest place in the east of Styria Hartberg

Hartberg is the perfect place for the Austrian Samba Festival. Located in beautiful east of Styria, it offers everything your heart desires. Come and visit when it’s time for Samba in Hartberg!

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