About Carlos

Carlos, whose stage name is Negão da Serrinha, began his musical journey at the age of 4 at the Império do Futuro school. At the age of 7 he started playing the drums and at the age of 10 his journey with the instrument cavaquinho began. Carlos has accompanied some great music projects - including Jongo da Serrinha, Bangalafumenga, singer and actor Serjão Loroza and many others from the scene. He represented Brazil at the World Cup in South Africa with the aim of bringing Brazilian music to everyone in the country. As Mestre de Bateria, he has taken part in the parades of the street carnival blocks of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Bangalafumenga, Fogo & Paixão, Me esquece, Franciskrishna, Chega Mais and Fanfarra Navilouca. He is also a singer - his current work is called "De pequeno já basta o mundo".

Guest of honor 2024 Negão da Serrinha


Workshop with Carlos

We have the unique opportunity to work with a true great of Brazilian Samba! Look forward to a great weekend with Carlos „Negão da Serrina“!