Guest of honor 2023 Fabio Allman

Versatility and innovation ...

... are the trademarks of the artist Fabio Allman who had his musical origin in rock and blues in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. In the end of the 90’s Fabao played a very important role at the forefront of the “revitalisation” of the street carnival scene of Rio as one of the most active figures of this movement. Giving voice and percussion to the carnival ensemble Monobloco for many years amongst with many other remarkable projects, he took his energy and charisma and conquered fans all over Brazil and also internationally.

Fabio has been in ...

... various important festivals like Rock in Rio 2001, as a guest of his dear friend Cassia Eller, and the Rock in Rio 2015 in a posthumous tribute to the singer, dead in 2001, whose recently released album “Todo Veneno Vivo”(Universal Music 2019) brings a track where Fabao appears on the vocals as well as being the author of the song. In Europe he has been in festivals like Glastonburry (2011), Womad (2008 e 2016) and in 2019 was a headliner at the Freedom Festival (Hull/UK) and at the Internationales Samba Festival (Coburg/DE). In parallel to his carrear as a singer Fabao has also been developing his work as an educator, creating partnerships with schools and giving percussion and singing workshops at the festivals where he performs. In Portugal, he created a Brazilian percussion workshop called BatucaBoa, where he teaches every week the rhythms and the sounds of the Escolas de Samba and the modern street carnival bands from Rio de Janeiro.

Workshop with Fabio Allman

We have the great oportunity to work with a true giant of Brazilian samba! It will be a great weekend with Fabio „Fabao“ Allman:

We are looking forward to Fabio’s workshop Modern Carioca Street Carnival and our performance with Fabio on the main stage.